The vision of hole 19

When enthusiasm meets inventiveness, it's like the constellation of iron and ball: with the right technology, things move forward - on the green and into the future. Just over a year ago, the aforementioned encounter took place on hole 19. Passionate players and courageous visionaries put their heads together to help the most beautiful sport in the world, golf, out of its crisis. The pandemic has changed everything in one fell swoop. Club life and golf facilities come to a standstill. Many holes in the lawn become one big one in the heart. And for some, even one in the wallet. To counteract this, the vision of the first sustainably digitized golf course is being created at hole 19. With the aim of preserving clubs, safety, quality and cost efficiency in the long term. The niche concept is developed in Hait's manufactory and refined on our test course.
In the short bush 5
58640 iserlohn

Make Golf better.